Visual facilitation

Live visual drawing :

A real added value for your presentation, meeting, conference, corporate event and workshop. Hiring a graphic facilitator is a real boost for dynamic support to your presentation, giving an efficient and decisive impulse to subsequent brainstorming sessions.

Let's embrace complexity without complex :

Graphic facilitation is based on visual thinking. Delivering informations in a visual way involves the audience pro-actively and brings energy to empower collective intelligence and incentivise forward thinking.

So many assets :

Visual thinking is a shortcut to your own mindset and creativity. Drawing during a presentation allows you think and share content simultaneously and helps your audience to grasp the idea in a snap. 

How we collaborate :

Together we anticipate the mission with a preparatory discussion about your goals, contents and keywords. 

During the mission itself I can work alone or within a team of facilitators if required. I'm a team player by nature.

Then you may need a specific version of resulting live contents to be produced for printed or digital communication. As an illustrator, I can easily deliver it on demand. 

Wether you are working for a company, an institution or a public organisation : call me and I draw with you!

And perhaps could I share some tips and tricks or training about visual techniques with you or your team?

Feel welcome to ask because you can draw too!