Press cartoon

I regularly draw for the belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique.

These drawings are often made with a poetic or symbolic approach. I also do illustrations for magazines, websites or a CD sleeve ...


L'empoté : poetic comic strip

Cartoon campaign :

These cartoons are about a range of security matters on workplaces. They are used on posters. The editor is "éditions Tissot" in France.

Cartoon campaign :

Strips explaining to local merchants the benefits of internet using free online tools to promote their shops.

In the news :

Newspaper cartoons.

Banners for your website :

These three banners have been cut in an single roll to illustrate a website about trends, lifestyle and fashion.

Magazines :

Four pages for Rhizome, an art comic strip magazine ... and some covers for magazines

CD sleeves :

For a contemporary jazz album at Nofrillsmusic label (Brooklyn).